петък, 31 август 2012 г.

New arrivals from BornPrettyStore

Hi friends! :)
Yesterday i have two new items from our friends from http://www.bornprettystore.com/
Thank you guys! :) I am very happy :) The quality is super, love it!
As usual, I`ll show them to you one by one with direct link to the item in the store.
Let's get started with the full package :)
And now one by one with links :)
New Shimmer 12 colors Eye shadow Eyeshade Makeup Comestics
You can find it here.
10pcs Elegant Lace Style Sticker Nail Art DIY Glitter HL205
You can find it here.

And now like always my first results with them :)
Here i used pink and orange-brown glitter eye shadows for making french manicure and then i added black lace, that's all :) Easy and beautiful lace french ;)

The top coat is regular top coat but i added a little white eye shadow in it to sparkle :)
And other view :)
One more :)
And i made other type of french with the same materials :)
Belt french
And finally one picture with a both type french :)
 I think the products are gorgeous! I just can`t wait to try them all! :)
And what you think? Easy and pretty :) I am sure you want to try :)

Don't miss to visit the BornPrettyStore They have so much stuff and i am sure you will love them like me :)
They have free worldwide shipping and low prices  and super quality!
You can use my code ELIW21 for 5% off from all items till the end of 2012 year.

See ya ;)

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