петък, 9 ноември 2012 г.

Nail polishes Essence, P2 and other

Hello friends, here you can see some of my favorite polishes :)

Essence polishes and stamps:

 Essence Nail art twins glitter topper

Essence Colour and go number 70 - Nude it!

 Essence Nude glam 04 - Iced latte 

Essence topper 08 - Nights in Vegas

 Essence Colour and go number 96 - Sparkling water lily  

 Essence Colour and go number 58 - Frozen queen  

 Essence magnetics 01 - Miracle shine

Essence Urban messages 05 - Wall of fame

P2 and other:

See you :)

неделя, 14 октомври 2012 г.

I just love my new stuff from BornPrettyStore :)

Hello friends,
My new arrivals from BornPrettyStore are here! :) I am so happy, thanx so much guys!
Now i will show them and the results like i always do :)

That are all the items ->
And now one by one with links :)

15ml Fluorescent Neon Luminous Nail Art Polish varnish Glow in Dark #10 
You can order it Here

45 Cute Patterns Quadrate Nail Art Stamp Template TO-06
You can order it Here

Multi Candy Colors Round Glitter Rhinestones Wheel UV Gel Nail Art W/Box 3mm
You can order it Here

I love them all! The pictures on the stamp are so cute and beautiful and works 100% perfect! Really cute, don't you think?

The stamp plate in close view ->

And now the results :)
In  much colors with regular polishes ->

In white with a special polish ->

And one model with a cute little pink stone :)

I just can`t wait to try them all! :)
                              And what you think? Easy and pretty :) I am sure you want to try :)

So go and visit now BornPrettyStore They have so much stuff and i am sure you will love them like me :)
They have free worldwide shipping and low prices, and super quality!
You can use my code ELIW21 for 10% off from all items till the end of 2012 year. -10% sounds good, thanx a lot BornPretty! :)

Bye for now! ;)

събота, 1 септември 2012 г.

My 3D nailart

Hi friends, here you can see my new 3D nail art designs and materials i am using to create them :) 

And from a few weeks :)

The materials are from http://bornprettystore.com/
Acrylic powders:
Acrylic set:

The price is so low and quality is super! I am sure if you take a look at: http://www.bornprettystore.com/  You will not stop to ordering :) They have so much different  items. So don't waste even a minute and go to check it out ;)
They have a free shipping worldwide! You ca n use my coupon code ELIW21 for 5% discount till the end of the year for every single item!

Bye for now ;)